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The Monterey Park City Council will be hosting a public hearing on January 19, 2022, to consider adopting the updated Housing and Safety Elements, and new Environmental Justice Element (see below for links to the elements).

The City Council agenda and instructions on providing comments will be posted to this website:

The City of Monterey Park 6th Cycle Housing Element 

**The City Council will consider adoption of the Final Housing Element on January 19, 2022.**

The City of Monterey Park 6th Cycle Housing Element has been revised in response to public comments received during the December 3, 2021 – January 3, 2022 review period, and comments received from the California Housing and Community Development (HCD). The revised Housing Element identifies changes through strikethrough and underlines formatting. 

The Housing Element includes the following sections:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction: A brief overview of the purpose and background for the Housing Element.
  • Chapter 2 Housing Needs Assessment: An assessment of Monterey Park’s demographic and housing market characteristics and their correlation to housing needs in the community.
  • Chapter 3 Housing Constraints Analysis: Various market, governmental, and environmental constraints in the city and their impact on the development and preservation of housing in Monterey Park.
  • Chapter 4 Housing Resources: An inventory of land, financial, and administrative resources available to facilitate housing development in Monterey Park.
  • Chapter 5 Housing Plan: Describes the City’s proposed objectives and implementation actions over the next eight years in addressing the housing needs of the community and complying with State law.
  • Appendix A Community Engagement: Includes community engagement materials utilized to encourage public participation in the Housing Element update process.
  • Appendix B Housing Sites Inventory: Identifies properties that are suitable to meet the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA).
  • Appendix C Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Provides an assessment of fair housing.

The City of Monterey Park Safety Element

The Safety Element includes analysis, goals, policies, and implementation measures for the following topics:

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Climate Change Hazards
  • Geologic and Seismic Hazards
  • Flood and Dam Inundation Hazards
  • Noise
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Fire and Police Protection
  • Public Utility Systems

The City of Monterey Park Climate Vulnerability Assessment

The Climate Vulnerability Assessment presents projected climate changes and impacts on the Monterey Park community. Climate change is expected to result in increased extreme heat days and more warm summer nights, worsening air quality conditions, heavier rain events, and longer periods of drought conditions. The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments includes a discussion on the City’s ability to prepare and adapt for the anticipated climate change effects.

The City of Monterey Park Environmental Justice Element

The Environmental Justice Element includes goals, policies, and implementation measures for the following topics:

• Meaningful Public Participation and Engagement
• Land Use and Pollution Exposure
• Creating Active and Passive Green Spaces
• Public Facilities
• Food Equity
• Healthy and Affordable Housing
• Emergency Response

The City of Monterey Park Environmental Justice Technical Report

The Environmental Justice Technical Report includes analysis of Environmental Justice Determinants, including:

  • Pollutant Exposure and Air Quality
  • Public Facilities
  • Food Access
  • Safe and Sanitary Homes
  • Physical Activity
  • Civic or Community Engagement

The City of Monterey Park Environmental Impact Report Addendum

The CEQA Addendum considers the potential environmental impacts of the draft Housing Element Update, the City determined that the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) certified for the 2019 General Plan update (Focused General Plan Update Final EIR, State Clearinghouse Number 2001011074, dated June 2019) is of continuing informational value. Based on the information and analysis provided below, the City determined that only minor or technical changes to the previously certified FEIR are necessary and that the preparation of an Addendum pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15164 is appropriate.